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tv   [untitled]    January 21, 2014 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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their citizenry to bring out the best of our resident to hear and be those effective conduits. i'm going to ask you to pay attention to the responsibility you occur in our bodies of work but pay attention to issues looish like affordability and housing and people being hurt or the folks on the streets or the need to produce a better health plan and health care. all the things that make our city great no matter if you sit on entertainment or arts paying attention to the quality of life for everyone is important. for me it's about collaborating and you be thinking freely. this need not be your issue but
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if you pay attention you'll find of the conduits whether you're fire or local business you'll find the conduits that make the collaboration better. thank you for thinking outside the box and thank you for being responsible citizens that take up the cause for all of us. let's go and precede and if i can i would like you all to stand. and when you raise our right hand i would like you to repeat individually each of our names and the entities upon which you are about to enter for this fantastic responsibility. so i ask you to please join and raise our right hand after i please repeat your name and the committee or body you'll be
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joining. i >> i state your name. >> thank you likelihood and clearly. >> repeating. >> ed. >> jamie hope and citizens committee. >> (inaudible). steven adams soft story
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commission >> loudly. >> paul. >> ken arts division. >> harland kelly regional finance. >> leslie. >> lee row housing authority commission. or not advisory council. >> bond oversight. (inaudible). faye >> be (inaudible). rubin santana advisors >> joan i didn't advisory committee and a rebecca ryan's sense oversight bond.
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>> entertainment commission. >> bayview citizens advisory committee. >> (inaudible). theodore miller >> james mccray junior building inspection commission. >> all right. >> do solemnly swear. that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california against all enemies foreign and domestic that i will bear true faith and alliance to the constitution of the united states and the
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constitution of the state of california that i take this obligation freely without any mental restoration or purpose of evaluation and i will well, and faithfully discharge the duties about which i'm about to enter and during the time as i hold the office of for the city and county of san francisco. congratulations and thank you very much >> happy new year everyone. thank you (clapping)
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>> so what brought you out here for the bike ride today? >> i grew up in san francisco but i have been living in new york. i wanted to see what san francisco is doing with infrastructure. >> cities are where people are living these days. the bay area is doing a lot with construction and the way to change the world starts here. >> we are about to take a bike ride. we have 30 cyclist. i'm really excited to hit the road and see what the city has in store.
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>> i definitely recommend it to people. it's a fun afternoon and you learn so many things. >> this is so much fun. i go to parts of the city that i don't come to. this will make the city a more sus >> thank you for coming again on i think just another momentum
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occasion for our good friend jose (clapping) and i know this is the third time i believe that the city is - is it the fourth. fourth swearing in that's right and the reason why lieutenant governor knows that because he appointed jose in 2004 so thank you. visionary. of course, besides lieutenant governor i want to thank members of our family board of supervisors our da and assessor record and department heads and chiefs all the other departments our controller and others are here and really a sincere
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appreciation for the work that jose has demonstrated. i want to say he's been such a great partner and i've had the privilege of working with him as a colleague but when i had the special chance of being the mayor here and wonder how to brag about san francisco i want to talk about more than the warriors something beyond supportship. look at what jose doing. so when we starting bragging about our chirnd program boy did you get a lot of attention from the other mafrz in the city. we brought him to a time when there was signature interest generated from the hard work
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jose has put together. i know we were appointing someone who was going to go beyond the collection do side of that office. in those years as gavin will recall this city and a country faced itself down in horrible financial times and coming out of those years we asked ourselves what can we do better for the residents and the diverse community in the arena of financial planning and a allotcy and a sense from day one. and so the very creative idea came out and certainly i want to thank lieutenant mayor gavin newsom we're noting now nationally renowned for our san francisco program our
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kindergarten to college program. i get to brag about that constantly and not 57 the burden of how that works and smart money and network and curtains in san francisco joining and leading cities on financial empowerment all over this country. those are some of the programs jose has put together gone beyond what we perceive he's helping us to educate the public and a businesses l about financial responsibility. it's sounds boring to everyone outside the room it's financial stuff but i'll tell you if the cities don't do this and cities dodo this they'll be in trouble
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trouble. jose thank you and now you're going to work closely with me and many in the city and a entertain our businesses as and transform from a payroll tax to another tax system and low encourage job creation. he will be asked to step out of the traditional you've got to get it done and how do we help you do get under and city maintain and create jobs in the city. i'm here to say thank you jose to really let everybody you know how appreciative i've been 0 o and lucky to have you as a leader in our financial literacy captain. ooip i've been lucky to inherit
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a movement gavin was there before me and a visionary and i still get his council as he goes across california doing great things in education. gavin i say thank you that f in your new really as lieutenant governor everything we've accomplished we get a national and state audience because of the work you've done. with that our visiony and former mayor now lieutenant governor gavin newsom. >> (clapping.) >> thank you. obviously, we have the same speech writer i have nothing else to say about jose wonderful work and thank you for covering the base is.
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i ran over to college and wondered what happened to terminate limits that's been 10 damn years you're not over this yet, huh? . i was thinking what was the world would it be like. but it is remarkable to go back in time as the mayor was reflecting on some of the great work. i was thinking jose the other day when jaevent got sworn in how much time we spent that jeanette and she was celebrating at the time the only local no objection create that was initiated by jose and his team and the great work that was being done that was ahead of of
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its time. resay respectfully they have a role to play but we could counter balance some of the work they remember doing with regards to those businesses. the mayor is not exaggerating i was at a meeting and bank of d.c. all coming out of the work from jose. success leaves clues and this is a successful city that leaves an remarkable amount of clues. we don't intimate because we're a model and mayor you should be proud of the leadership and everyone here. it's an honor to be welcomed
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back to the extent i was weekday waiting for the opportunity to swear jose in i haven't done this in a long time. but payroll a carmen forgot about me i didn't know she was sworn in i'm okay about this this is only on tv this is okay we'll talk later. so jose he lets get you sworn back in for four more years. everybody ready. anybody have any reservation >> all right. i'll say i you state your name. >> do solemnly prestige to defend the sfuks is go and the
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institution of the state of california against all enemies for an and domestic that i bear true faith and alliance to the same and i will well and a faifl discharge the duties upon which i'm about to enter and during some time as i hold the position as treasurer for the city and county of san francisco. >> so easy (clapping.) thank you (clapping.) let's hope you remembered that right. close enough; right? thank you for being here i'm
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privileged and proud to you to be here the fourth time around and gavin it's an honor to have you here. the first time we did this in september 8th of 2004, i was very appreciative of the trust you put in me to take this position to lead this office and to handle this important 0 responsibility for the city and county of san francisco. i hope you and everyone feels we've done a great job. before i go too far i want to recognize my partner mark for being here (clapping) you all know how partner of an elected official needs to be so i want to put that out there. mayor ed lee thank you for being
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here and our kind kind words to continue to grow the words 0 both from the clerkors office. i believe it's important work we're doing for the city and county and we're creating a model for many places around the country and with our support we're able to do that. thank you. again. i want to thank ail the elected officials i see a number of the board of supervisors thank you all of you for believing in us and supporting us i'm not going to name names. george thank you. carmen chiu the newly sworn in assessor and recorders. thank you. again my partner in so much important work we do for the city. i want to call ben roman fold
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for the hard work between the three of us we handle the lions share for the city and we're proud what we're able to do for the city it's important work but, you know, i don't stand here alone and do the job alone i do it with over 2 hundred folks in the tax collectors office. i want to run detain the great seconds of our office. i want to recognize florence mar who is going to be implementing our gross receipts tax. our bureaucracy of tax she is incredible she's bringing in
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over $100 million a major to make sure everybody pace what they on the other hand, and sonya thank you for your work. we process numerous transactions through the mail on line and over the phone and it's our cashiers that bring in the money. our office of financial empowerment mayor we're doing great work. our gross receipts project is led by jenny and that's an exciting project the biggest change to our tax system in the city and we're stepping up. our it groping group is led by richard. our investment portfolio is
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managed by michelle the average daily processing is round $1100 million. our project group is lead by rebecca thank you for your hard work here doing a grow job. our property tax group led by phil and thank you for your work. our tax paper group the first line of defense is led by grace and our banking group that's handling the transactions is led by janet. that's the team of managers that run the incredibly important jobs and i sincerely want to thank those folks for they're hard work. i want to recognize my senior
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management team let me introduce our tax collector david arguing steno thank you for being here (clapping) our cohesive assistant treasurer pauline (clapping.) our policy and ledge manager greg thank you for your great work. and our deputy director i t and about half of everything we did thank you. (clapping.) i get to stand in front of all of you and get some praise and a attention but honestly, i want to share all of that with this incredible team. many work on the first floor of the city hall that means the
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world to me. i want to take a minute to help the folks that helped me with my re-election campaign it was tough thank you folks for sticking with me the guy who (clapping) third time around didn't have an on the but still you put together a great race. i'll bring this to an end but i thank you each and everyone for your energy mr. mayor and a lieutenant governor thank you. i want to invite everyone to stick around and have a bit and thanks to everyonee and thanks to everyone
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>> tuesday, january 21, 2014, and i'll call the meeting to order this is the community investment & infrastructure commission. madam secretary please call the roll >> commissioner ellington. commissioner mondejar. commissioner singh is absent commissioner rosales. commissioner johnson and commissioner singh is absent and all other members are present. a the next regularly scheduled meeting is on february - announcement for the electronic devices please advised that the electronic devices are o


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